Bio and CV

Leonora holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Syracuse University’s program in Florence, Italy. She presently lives and works in New York City and has exhibited her work throughout the United States.

Trained and working as an architect, she begins each work with a base of brown pigment, in reference to the earth upon which an edifice is constructed. Over the foundation of earth tones, she builds layers of medium in hues of blue, cool whites and pale natural colors, creating images of spatial depth, reflections, and the appearance and disappearance of forms. Through her art, she explores the intersection of structure and nebulous space, the contrast between repetition and spontaneity, and the confluence of the constructed and the organic.

At once ephemeral and earthy, Leonora Retsas' monoprints embody the confrontation and union of nature and fabrication, with imagery reflecting the precisely defined forms of modern industrial reproduction, and the imprecision and unpredictability of the natural and the wild.